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The Orme School Summer Sustainability Intern Job Opening

Starting Date: June 1

Ending Date: August 10

Application procedure: Email your resume to Emerson Jones, Director of Sustainability

Deadline for application: May 6


  • Maintain and harvest crops as detailed below.
  • Supervise part-time gardener
  • Plan your day, and your part time helper’s day, ahead of time.
  • Communicate with staff at Founders’ Dining Hall

This is an intern position. The school will provide room and board in return for caring for the garden, greenhouse, vineyard, and orchard as detailed below. This is an opportunity to gain experience working in an educational community, growing a wide range of crops, and providing food for a school cafeteria. A stipend will also be made available.

Hours and Days:

40 hours a week. Hours worked need to be dictated by proper care of the crops and harvesting, for example watering and harvesting in the morning, being off for 2 or 3 hours, return to pull weeds and water in the afternoon. The 40 hours need to be distributed over 6 workdays. One day off will be during the school’s normal work week so part time help can be used to maintain crops.

Physical requirements:

  • Able to stand, walk, bend all day.
  • Able to carry 25lbs
  • Able to use a hose, wheelbarrow, trimmers, shovel, and other tools in the garden. Able to be outside working for 8 hours a day.

Required knowledge:

  • Watering requirements of crops
  • Crop knowledge including harvest timing and methods Operation of automatic timers in use
  • Insect identification
  • Organic methods of pest control including chemical application Plant nutrition requirements and organic methods for fertilizing Approved chemical mixing and application procedures


  1. Vigilance for care and growing of crops.
  2. Harvesting and delivering crops to Founders using established protocols
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Scouting
  5. Maintenance.

Vigilance for Growing:

  • Proper watering; monitoring of plant conditions.
  • Monitor weather for changing conditions.
  • Adjusting watering as required for changes in the weather.

Harvesting Crops:

Communicate with Founders Dining Hall on a daily basis on their needs and expected harvest.
Using approved protocols harvest and deliver crops to Founders
Dining Hall


Growing areas kept clean; no trash; trash cans emptied.
Pull weeds concentrating on growing areas but working on all areas within the growing area.

Scouting/Pest and Disease Control:

Always be observant for signs of pests and disease.
Plan 1 hour a week to walk through crops with the sole purpose of scouting Initiate action early using the appropriate method to control the problem. Apply approved remedy following instructions and apply as necessary.


Check garden and greenhouse for water twice a day
Check vineyard and orchard once a day for water.
As crops approach the end of their productive cycle communicate with Founders and decide what to plant next.

You should be constantly coaching your help about all of the above. 

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