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We have some left over pistachio nuts from Christmas. If I shell them, can my chickens eat them?

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i dont see a problem with it there is a pistachio farm down the road from me and they kept chickens in the same field
I have parrots, and as long as there is no salt on the pistachio nut, it should be a great treat for them. Not too many, as they are high in fat, but a few should be just fine, I would think.
Thank-you both so much. I am going to see if they like them tomorrow.
Like Sue said, be sure they aren't salted. Rather than shelling them, I'd just put them on a hard surface and step on them, let the chickens pick out the nuts. Save yourself some time! :)
Does salt hurt them? We have started giving them some table scraps/ food my kids decided they didn't like/ etc... - I thought I remembered from chicken class that these were all right - do I need to be concerned about the salt content in the scraps?
Salt is bad for chickens, they don't process it in the same way as mammals and increased sodium can lead to problems. It won't hurt them in small quantities, but it is something you should be conscious of. Table scraps are generally okay.
Thank -you and thanks from my chickens.



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