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About three years back I bought a scott black fig tree at the annual VPA tree sale.  The second year it appear the tree just up and died.  Before I took it out I realized root stock survived and started growing just fine.  I figured I would just let it go and see what happened.  It began producing fruit this year but they were just terrible to eat. 

What am I now growing and will it ever produce any good fruit?

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Short answer, not likely.

Long answer: Well, it is unusual, but not impossible for a fig to be grown on rootstocks...usually they are started from cuttings, however. 

I am not sure why anyone would sell Scott's Black here based upon its limited description.  It appears to be an superb tasting early (no longer released) LSU variety with an open eye which would be very prone to rot here.

I had never heard of it before your post, and research produced little description.

Did you ever get figs off of it before it "died?" I am rather suspicious that your rootstock is indeed rotting Scott's Black.

Ironically, this January you could consider grafting onto this rootstock for quicker production. 

I did get good figs the first year.  I bought this at our annual VPA tree sale.

We wrote down scotts black in our notebook but now I am wondering if it was something else.  The grafted top is what died and the rootstock is what survived and now growing just fine (except producing lousy fruit),

I wonder if it really is just a cutting.  It sure looked like a graft to me.


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