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So I  know this is a bit random and I am reading as much as I can find on the subject, but I wanted to pick your brains to see if you thought a root cellar would be feasible here in the desert? Anyone on here have a basement or root cellar? I'd appreciate any websites, personal experience, or other knowledge sharing on the subject.

I suppose I'm also curious to know if it's silly for me to think of using a root cellar to store other long term food storage items i.e. food grade buckets with grains? Please excuse my ignorance, this is a newer idea I've had as my pantry is full and I'm starting to think of ways I could utilize other space on my property.

Thanks for your feedback in advance- I love reading on this website, I learn so much!


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Thank you SO much for the responses and input- I had forgotten about this post!

As an update I suppose I should post that the property we ended up with does not have flood irrigation BUT it did have a detached garage that my husband loved so much that he agreed to never complain about the water bill! So we put a big filter on the main water line so that things like chlorine wouldn't make it onto my plants. I would be interested in building some sort of root cellar still, and I am already fighting mice in my chicken coop so I would certainly want to make sure everything is mouse-proofed because they are just invasive little buggers!

I love this conversation and all I'm learning! Thank you for bringing this one back and keeping it going. 


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