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My raised bed boxes are 4' wide and I'd like to use PVC pipe to bend across them at the height of several feet to give head room to plants under shade cloth I'll place over it in summer months.  What size PVC is flexible yet sturdy enough for this application?  What lengths does it come in?  Will I have to fasten two lengths together to get a height of 4'-5' or more?  Where's the best place to buy?

Thanks for any suggestions


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Half inch.  Schedule 40 PVC.  Length is usually 10'  Occasionally I spot 12'  And I think Lowes has 20' available (delivery?).  If you feel the 10' does not produce high enough you can use joiner sleeves to connect two 10' pipes together.  Sealer adhesive optional.  You might also want to get a PVC cutter at that point. 

Any hardware store should carry PVC pipe. 

Thanks for the info... I think I may be able to make this work... <g>


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