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I have a Pakistan mulberry tree that has been in the ground for 2 years now.  I bought it from the rare fruit nursery.  It had the central leader topped and had about 6 or so good branches growing up below the cut central leader.  It is now very vigorous and one of these branches has assumed the "leader" position.  It is about 6' tall.  4 of the other branches are also growing very vertical and look like they are also trying to be leaders. They are 4-5' tall.  They are attached to original main central stem of the plant at a good angle.  

I would like to have a  small-medium tree with good bottom branches to easily pick fruit but more of a tree structure not a bush.  Would branch "spacers" work to get the other branches to grow more horizontal?

How do I prune this tree?  Thanks!


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i also have one  that has been less than a year on the ground but has grown ~7 feet. It is quite precocious and vigorous i will have to say. Only problem is that its branches and main trunk are quite viny, unlike alba's and nigra's, which have relatively thicker branches compared to the leaf size.

like you, i am contemplating on how to go about 'training' this viny bush-tree. I think it would be best to leave it alone until the main trunk has thickened to about 2 inches(measured at 5-foot level), then coppice it there. And just trim all branches that sprout from below 4 feet.

Yup, make some spacers and bend them out at about 60 degrees.  Or hang weights, or tie down.  Can do that now while green and supple.

Pruning is done in early to mid-January when dormant.


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