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I recently picked some winter squash because a sap of some sort was oozing through the skin or stem. It was attracting ants. So I cut the squash off the vine, and brought it inside to cure. It is still producing a clear sticky sap. Anyone have any idea what this is?  I have never grown winter squash before and have a lot of them growing, so am curious if they are any good? They are hard, not soft, so I don't believe they are rotting.

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Tracey, I looked up some info on what you might have.  What kind of winter squash?  Acorn or butternut?  These types are reported to have an irritating "sap".

It is like a golden nugget squash. Seems like the sap is coming from the stem. I haven't tasted the sap, but was tempted!

As a 'winter' squash type, the sap may fall into the 'irritating' category.  What kind of scent does the sap have?  Not sure I'd want to taste it without knowing for use it is not the result of mold of some sort.  You may not know for sure until you cut into it.

No scent at all, and clear sap. I am going to cut into the squash this weekend and see what is going on inside. Thanks for your help. 

You are welcome!  Post what you find out :-)


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