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I'm new to this group and new to home ownership.  We are buying a fixer-upper in Tempe, that have been neglected, inside and out, for some time.  We are doing the yard work ourselves.  There are two trees that pose a danger that must be removed, a very large mesquite and an elderly, ailing grapefruit.   We've cut down the large overgrown bougainvilleas that were blocking the front door.   

Our question:  what to do with the "green waste"?   It seems wrong to take it all to the landfill, are there other options? 

2nd question:  how to safely/responsibly remove a stump when they are far too big to dig out?  We are hoping to regrow the mesquite, but we would like to plant different trees where the grapefruit now is.   We want to put a herb planter where the bougainvillas were.

Thank you,

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Just an FYI, there's way too much for us to use the City of Tempe Bulk/Brush Program. City of Phoenix has a Green Waste program that residents can go to, but I'm not seeing anything for City of Tempe. I do not know if any chemicals have been used by the previous residents, but I'm guessing not, judging by the overall lack of care (tenants were young college students and used kegs for furniture).

There is a small amount of bermuda grass mixed in as there is bermuda grass everywhere around the property. I am unsure if that makes it unsuitable for composting purposes, otherwise I would freely offer it to anyone who wants it. (the Mesquite wood has already been claimed.)
An additional update: Found a friend who knows trees. Turns out that the Mesquite had a bad case of some kind of rot (that's why the branches were falling) and it wasn't safe for mulching, so we had to take it to the landfill. The City of Phoenix landfill at 35th avenue is the most affordable at $12/truckload. We've done 4 so far and 2 more to go.

SRP no longer trims trees. They will move the line back, so you can trim the tree and put the line back up again.
Bummer... That tree has termites, so will not be mulching it either.
We bought a fixer-upper too. It sits on an appoximately an acre, and the people that lived here before us neglected the yard as much as the house. We also had an enormous amount of green waste. I would have loved to hire a tree company or someone similar to come turn it all into mulch. There were bigger fish to fry at the time inside the house, along with a limited budget (darn cancer), so that didn't happen.

Out of necessity we had to do what was more budget-friendly, not what would be better for the future of our garden, or the landfill. The town of Gilbert does bulk trash every month, so we put as much out as we could each time. When it was time to get one of those big roll-off containers to dispose of the rotted out cabinets and moldy flooring, we finished filling it with brush and other junk cleaned out of the yard. That cost about $300, but it was a necessity anyway to get rid of the junk from the inside of the house (which was also the heavier stuff so I don't really consider that the cost to get rid of the green waste, per se). Anything that could be given away for free on CL, or re-purposed was...but when you are dealing with a fixer-upper, the reality is that there is a lot of trash. Like it or not.

As far as the stump goes...I think you can have it ground down. This would require hiring someone though. Although, if you hire someone to do that anyway, maybe you could be sure to hire someone that also has a chipper thing with them so that they could mulch up the other stuff while they are there.

Oh, and about the bougainvillas...if it were me, I would have removed those miserable things whether they were blocking the door or not. I detest them. If a plant has thorns, it darn well better give me some fruit at least. :)
Planning to rent a stump grinder in the near future. Good to hear that they are easy to use.
You can also rent a chipper/shredder from one of those machine rental places (AZ rents or some such). These are the big machines the landscapers use, not the little one that break every time you put something larger than a twig into it. I have no idea what the cost would be, but it's something I think about doing every time the wind takes down a big branch at my house. FWIW, I've heard people talking about using grapefruit wood in a smoker. Apparently it makes things pretty tasty. Maybe if you list it as available on CL someone would snag it.

Ditto on the bougainvillas...pretty but deadly and totally useless. Good riddance!

We're into the 12th year in our fixer upper which is now almost completely fixed up, which of course means we just bought a second fixer upper because what in the world would we do with our time if we weren't remodeling?
Sounds like you have already disposed of the bougainvilla. If not, the leaves and flowers are nontoxic and terrific to add to a chicken coup if you use the deep litter method. Lay branches on ground for a couple of days (easier to manipulate when partially dry). Then take into coup. it takes only moments (wearing leather gloves) to strip the branches.


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