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Hi there Permies!

Is is just me, or has it been hideously difficult to get a hold of free mulch this year? Every time I go through my normal channels (Craigslist, APS etc.) I get nothing. Anyone know of an Arborist who is getting the goods that I can hook up with? any suggestions on where to score?



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It's a bit far but I got eucalyptus chips from a guy in Maricopa a few months ago.  He had a huge pile, SRP ripped out a gazillion trees to put in power lines [or something like that] and he thought he would have some available for quite a while, and he loads you up with a front loader scoop. They are good chips, clean......but it's a 4-beer drive.  So to speak - pack a picnic!!

6 zero 2 43 three 89 five 5  - Wayne

Thanks Mary, I'll give it a shot - but knowing my luck this year he will be all out :( Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hi Mary,

I tried the number you gave me for the eucalyptus chip guy, but I get a "cannot be completed as dialed " message


Lisa - you're not the only one having issues.  I've heard this from a lot of people!

Wow, the word has gotten out! Mulch is now sexy. ;)  If I can score mulch from the guy in Maricopa, or anywhere else in the valley I'll be more than happy to share my bounty with those less fortunate. Meanwhile I'll keep on searching.

I waited for like, 9 months on APS all the while calling other tree companies and arborists with no luck. There was a change in personnel and the new gal in charge of the mulch said that someone had publicized the free mulch on Craigslist and so the demand had just exploded.

Finally APS made it rain on my backyard, I got six loads of mulch possibly because of how long I had been waiting. They had to drive pretty far to drop it off, too. Persist is all I can say.

Hi Lauren,

Well, APS is now only delivering to APS customers - us SRP folk are SOL,. fooo!  perhaps we need to get together a mulch cooperative to nail down supplies. I see the tree trimmers out all the time - that material has to go somewhere!

Just get on the tree company's lists. Most only deliver if you are in the area where they are trimming trees. That is how I get mine. I actually had to turn a delivery away because I had a delivery by another company whose list I was on. Sometimes it takes a long time until they are in your area, but the more companies you call, the more likely one will be in your area at some point.

If you are looking for free mulch, starting in late May and throughout most of summer, most tree trimmers only trim palms, which doesn't make a good mulch. Palms take forever to decompose and kind of repel water.

Now that monsoons have "arrived" your tree trimmers will now have mulch again from the blown over trees and branches.

Call back the trimmers every week or two. Usually they will only drop off if they are in your area, and only if you are at home when they come by. Make sure you are in their service area too.

Hi Erica,

Ok, so now I am on the list for at least two tree companies. Does anyone have a list of companies that have a "Drop list"  of folk who will accept wood chipping/mulch and how to contact them?


Understand what you get with a landscaper...usually 10-20 cu yrds. of wood chips (1-2 SUV volumes worth) dumped in your yard, driveway.  If you are doing a substantial amount of your yard, whoopee.  If not you will be sweating bullets on people on Craigs List coming by and taking some away in a pickup truck bed (about 1 cu yd). 

I usually look for landscapers who advertise they have a certified arborist on staff.  I hope that they will be good about the quality of the load.

A search of this site for wood chips can get you several places to call. They should be happy to drop them off for free provided you understand the amount you will get.

Hi Powell!

 Yeah, I have a lot of  backyard to cover - if I could get the rest of the gravel up from the front I'd put it there too. I was aware that it would be a lot - bring it!.  I found a couple of places that have certified arborist- I''ll email them with polite requests to get on a mulch drop list.


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