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Just wondering if the VPA is planning to host the mesquite and carob milling again this year.  Hope so - I have some screwbean mesquites that I need to harvest.

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Hi Jennifer, thanks for checking in. We are currently doing the preliminary planning to have the event again this Fall.Dates and locations are still TBA.

Stay tuned for details as they come out!

Thanks - looking forward to this!  Seed pods are ripening...

Did I Miss the mesquite milling for 2014 in Phoenix? If not where can I find the latest information on the event?


When does carob harvesting take place?  My tree is fully loaded!!  I've never harvested before.

Are there any pods on the ground yet?

If you pick a pod, do they bend or snap?  Bending = not ready.  Snapping = ready.

When Liz and I harvested carob pods one year, we spread out sheets below a large tree and whacked away at the pods with stick (or rake handles, etc) to make them drop.

Here's an interesting article about carob harvesting - I didn't know you could use the young pods to make pulp!

That was a fun time!  Jennifer is right - generally if you start to see some pods dropping off the tree it will be a sign they are getting ready (the snap test will cinch it).  When they are ready, a light whack with a stick will easily knock them off.  We have new neighbors in the carob tree house…I'll have to introduce myself in preparation for harvest this year.  :)  Just FYI - we had more pods than could be milled at the event last year, so when you see the event posted this year, sign up early to save a spot!

It was!  I remember schlepping some carob pods and the solar cooker down to the Phoenix Public market so that we could illustrate how to further prep the pods.  Those pods make the entire market smell like chocolate - people couldn't believe it!

Definitely go meet the new neighbors! 

Jen, thanks for the note about the young pods - my nephew has a tree and now I can think about getting some green and harvesting the pulp - hmmm some kind of jam possibility?  Or sun dry the pulp for creating flour/powder?

Got any thoughts Jen or Liz?

can pulp be eaten until the beans are snappy? Most of the pods in our neighborhood are starting to turn brown.


So many questions!

I don't know - that was the first time I'd come across that information.

Any updates as to when the mesquite milling is scheduled?

I see that Desert Harvesters is doing a few milling sessions down in the Tucson area and one is Cascabel.  Is their going to be a local one?


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