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Do you have experience with Bonnie cabbage plants?

I was given 4 of these plants today, in the form of seedlings.  the directions state to plant at least 3 feet apart & to expect 30-50 pound cabbages in about 80 days. The website doesn't discuss how to maximize success in specific locations, such as Phoenix. and I'm  wondering how they will grow here, since I think of cabbage as a cold weather veggie.

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3 of the plants are planted.... the directions said to make the garden patch 15 inches by 3 feet, so we loosened the ground with pick-axe and shovel, but I didn't have enough garden quality dirt, so that good dirt part is only about 8-12 inches down by 20 inches across for each plant... made by mixing the regular clay ground with finished compost, very old manure, coffee grounds, and sand. I wanted to give the plants the best possible chance for success, but supplies fell short.
(and soon, I'll need more dirt to plant the 20 gorgeous tomato plants that are thriving on shelves in front of my living room window.)
I have not any experience with seedlings of this hybrid but i have grown seedling that are 3 to 5 pounds,i started them out in October and 90 days later were a good size, i am curious where did you get these seedlings? Cabbage is fun to grow especially when it starts to for a head!! I use manuer and compost each time to plant to inrich the ground along with leaves and mix it in with a shovel
I prepared the earth and plan to water well (directions call for 1 inch/week. They were a present, so I don't know how they came to Phoenix. the company is in Alabama.
The company Bonnie Plants has a school program where they donate these mega-cabbage seedlings to third grade teachers who sign up for the program and they award scholarships to one student participant in each state. I helped a teacher friend of mine with this a few years ago - we were never able to acheive the huge sizes of cabbage (30-50 lbs) but they were still pretty big - I can't remember how much they weighed. Here is their web site: The problem here in the Phoenix area is the heat - cabbages are cool season veggies and once the temps got above 90* even for a day or so, the cabbages either split or bolted. Chris is correct - the oversized plants do need more water and they are heavy feeders. The kids loved growing them -they look so cool in they garden and it really got them interested in growing other veggies.


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