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Is anyone using or has heard of the Hydrochanger H20 water conditioner? (

It's a conditioner, not a softener that is available for home use. It installs directly on the water line from the meter to your house so that you get the benefits throughout your home, not just in your home, including taps you may use to water your gardens. There is no electricity required, no salts or chemicals, no moving parts, and no maintenance.

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I know nothing about this sort of water 'conditioner' but I suggest you check out the link below for a different opinion.
Good luck
Catalytic water treatment pseudoscience
Hello Chris,

Actually there are a couple of interesting points that can be shared regarding Stephen Lower and the catscam site (noted above) that challenges various descriptions used in conjunction with water conditioners. In addition, there is exciting news regarding the scientific validation of claims of effectiveness of the Hydrochanger H2O unit.

Dr. Lower, retired Canadian chemistry professor, when contacted, shared that he has never tried or tested any of the products that he is commenting on and will not accept any products to try, even when offered at no charge. He is merely pulling apart the attempts to describe what is taking place on a molecular level in the water conditioner. Not all chemists are in agreement with him. He has commented, that based upon the fact that the Hydrochanger H2O unit is being long term tested, evaluated and published by the University of California Fresno, Center for Irrigation Technology, with preliminary results in early tests showing some exciting results, that when he sees the published results from the University, he will be ready to accept that the Hydrochanger H2O unit is a valid performer.

Yes, there are a lot of units out there that don't do what they promise, and some maybe do nothing at all.

Hydrochanger H2O uses a 10 year warranty, not because it fails at 10 years, but because it is significantly long, and because there are to many "lifetime" warranties put out by companies that aren't there a lifetime. Take a look and see how long your average salt softener, with 100 year old technology is warranted for.

We alays are interested in moving the environmentally friendly product offering ahead. Salt is being banned in more places all the time,( California Assembly Bill 1366 2009) and good alternatives are needed for water conditioning.

Thanks for a great site,


Charles Roberson
Ron Brewster
Hydrochanger Water Conditioning


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