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So, I got these great red nipples and screwed them into a nice closed bucket, filled it with water and hung it in the coop. According to the ad, the chicks will see that the nipples are red, begin pecking and, hey, water comes out!

However, I think my chicks must be color blind because they'd rather peck at my black boots. I spent about a half hour squatting in the coop tapping the nipples and flicking water at them. They looked at me like I was nuts. I've put their old waterer up in their house so they have to go up the ramp to get it. They're mostly drinking out of their pool now because it's easier. Help!!! (and thanks)

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Are you sure these aren't for kittens?

Ha! They actually do make them:

Poultry Watering Nipples

I didn't have any problems getting my girls to drink from them. I have seen them make a beeline for the dog bowl when I let them out to free range, but they get most of their water from the nipples. Perhaps if you were to remove their old waterer, they will discover the new watering system.

I would recommend taking out their old watering device for a couple hours, leaving in the new one of course and pull up a chair with a good book and just watch them during that time.  Once one bird uses it successfully the other will catch on, but you want to be sure they are 'getting it'.  If you are in the coop with them, they will be too distracted to try something new.  Be patient they'll get it (but make sure they don't go too long without a drink!).  I recently moved my pullets out to their new coop and pulled up a chair until I was sure they knew where and how to use their new feeder & waterer.  Once half of them drank, I knew they would be fine but it took WAAAYYYY longer for them to figure out the water than the food.

Thanks! We're having company tomorrow so we can all gather 'round the coop and watch (nobody can say I don't know how to entertain my guests!!) I planted a creeping fig behind the coop today for some extra shade -- it took them about 20 seconds to find THAT and start pecking at it.

Try putting peanut butter on them.  That got mine interested!

That's a GREAT idea! I will definitely give it a try (the handle broke, so we have to re-rig up the bucket, but once we do that, peanut butter it is!)

We have never used these personally i believe the best option is a 2-5 gallon metal  poultry waterer just set on a couple bricks and fill every few days depending on how many chickens you have can be found at any feed store. I do wish you luck with the nipple waterer if you stay with it they will figure it out eventually lots of great tips here for you! Good luck!

I have waterers, nipples and big pools of water for stepping in.

I didnt think my hens were using the nipples until, my husband told me he watches the chickens use their nipples every morning! I often see them drinking out of their 'wading pools', and now occasionally see them using the poultry nipples!


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