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i'm a complete beginner at gardening, and over the past 2 years have taken most every class to get me started, yet having never been around gardening and not having the time or money to mess it up too much, it scares me to get started! but i am determined to...

i would love to see what others are doing first hand to get some better ideas as to what works in our climate... please let me know if you're open to this - and i'd be happy to lend a hand in exchange!


ginger in litchfield park

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hi rob, i really appreciate your reply and suggestions - and yes i guess there aren't that many members in the west side, and that my best option is probably to go to some of the tours listed in the events or the work days at the community gardens...

i just went to my first work day at the Roosevelt gRow Garden & Gallery on garfield and 6th street, - kenny was very helpful and informative, answering my many questions and showing me how simple composting can be... they mainly have gardens with berms to walk on with sunken beds to retain the water... i liked this idea and can picture doing this for my garden... today was mainly pulling weeds and i found how green and wimpy i am as even with garden gloves i got a huge blister on my palm from using a hand tool... so, guess i have been initiated now! lol... i even wore my JUST DO IT shirt (yes, it says that!) then came home and started removing the bermuda grass from my 20'x6' garden section... i was excited to find we have a LOT of earthworms already in the soil!then i will get some good composting, probably from singh (adding in some fish emulsion), start planting and getting my own composting going! i'm excited!

thanks so much for your encouragement and the link - i will definitely be placing an order with them soon!
thank you so much, portia, i would love to see how your garden grow!

when works best for you?

hi portia, saturday would work best for me, as i work in scottsdale and am sometimes not home until it's dark - and i definitely want to see your garden in the daylight! so if you don't mind, i'll call you saturday morning and see what time might work for you...

thanks again, i'm looking forward to it!

portia, thanks so much for sharing your lovely garden yesterday - you truly have a wonderful place and are doing a fantastic job!
I wish we had more activity out west here. My motto is trail and error out here basically. Coming from a wet state (MI) to the desert has definetly changed my gardening habits, I mainly do mine in pots so that I can move them if need be. I have decided to embrace native plants and am trying my hand at a few cactus. Something that back in Mi I could only do inside so I am able to get bigger pieces of plants to "try". Take a gander at my pics & you'll see....
i think you're right, mari - trial and error is probably inevitable so i should not be afraid of it... thanks for your thoughts and sharing your pics - we can certainly have fun in the process!
I am in Surprise and would enjoy getting together to tour West Valley gardens!
Howdy Ginger -

I'm in Central Phoenix, but hopefully my garden pics will help to inspire:

Lots of pics over the years as my 'yard' has evolved in Xericopia. (yes, having a name is inspiring).

For more great ideas, check out these upcoming home/garden tours - I personally know of a number homes that will be worth seeing:

Willo Historic Home Tour

Coronado Historic Home Tour

Master Gardener's Garden Tour


Central Phoenix, 85021


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