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I have had no buds starting yet on my desert delight nectarine tree that I got from this years tree sale.


I had the fellow prune it so it would stay small.  That only left three small twigs for bud growth.  Only one of the three looks to have a little green at the base.  The only two are completly dry.


Does this tree still have a chance?


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It's easier to answer if you post pictures.

My nectarine only has the slightest bit of green popping out right now, so you're not alone.  My two plums have a lot of growth already, while my two peaches and nectaplum are barren sticks.

First the buds are on the trunk and the branches come out of them.  Well, OK they are on the wispy branches too.  ;-)

Second, while my peaches have mostly broken dormancy well over half of my nectarines are still dormant. Interesting.  Truth though, my Desert Delight planted last year and another this year (both on Nemagard like yours I believe) have both sprouted leaves. [My Double Delight nectarine has not but the terminal buds are starting to swell.  These things can vary and worrying about them won't make them bud any sooner so why waste time fretting on the things you cannot change.]

With the cold this has definitely delayed bud break this year which is fine.  If you don't have any signs of growth by the end of the month I'd be concerned.  Those little branches are usually rather crummy. I left many of mine on this year's planting just to see what happens---sort of Fukuoka style inspired by Linda Chalker-Scott.  I think this 2 day rain will break more bud---I noticed my first pear (Ya Li) all swollen up and ready to burst forward with leaves.

Don't now how long the VPA wants to go before declaring it a dud (which happens to me about 1/9th of the time from any vendor).  Most local nurseries seem to let you have until end of May to return DOA deciduous trees/vines/shrubs.  So I expect by May it is unlikely to break dormancy and take off (plus it will shut down fairly quickly after that due to heat and likely not have enough reserve built up to make it through the summer).


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