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My desert delight nectarine that I got at this years VPA tree sale never really took off.  It looked to be hanging by a thread for a while but everything finally turned brown.

The root stalk (I think some sort of peach) seems to now be doing fine and I have several off shoots now coming out of the ground. 


Here is my question. Should I just let this go and hope for the best?  I will send a picture latter once I get access to a camera.


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If it broke dormancy and then died then it is dead.  Desert Delight nectarine was a seriously delayed bloomer this year:  Mine and Baker's trees finally broke dormancy only a few weeks ago.  I do not know what policy for refund the VPA has...I'd inquire now.

The fact that the rootstock has come up tells you the failure was not the rootstock and that the tree is growing.

You can either pull the tree (Baker's likely still has them potted if you want to replace it though this is a hard time for a tree but not impossible---or grow in the container with some afternoon shade until Oct.) or let it establish with the idea of attempting to graft something onto the rootstock next year.  If the graft fails you can always pull the tree. 

If you want to do this then I would select the best looking (most vigorous) rootstock shoot and remove the others, and keep removing any that subsequently come up.  Let it put all its energy/resources into this one shoot.  Come January you will have to get a scion (bud) from a desirable (non-patented) peach (or nectarine, plum, pluot, apricot tree since I assume this is Nemagard) to graft onto this rootstock.  Good learning.  Probably a 2 in 3 chance of the graft failing your first time out.

Your scion is dead.  You'll need to get another tree.


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