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Do you know of any good sources for well aged, or composted manure that we could use for Ahwatukee Community Garden Project 's keyhole gardens?

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Singh farms for compost? Or call a farm that keeps goats in Gilbert.

Singh is on the other side of town.

Try H.M.S. Landscape (from my notes)... The “Cooked Compost mulch” can be delivered in 11 cubic yard amounts only, for $165 in the Metro-Phoenix area.   

Address is 6107 S. 32nd Street (S. of Southern)  Phoenix, phone is 602 268-1809

Based upon my experience this is not a finished compost, hence the compost-mulch designation.  But it is pretty good for the delivery price.  The batch I received clearly had a lot of horse manure in it.  But a lot of other compostable material as well.  Some material you could still identify the source (hence the not finished comment). 

11 cu yds is a lot of material.  I would not consider this material ideal BY ITSELF as a garden soil. But that would be true of any not fully composted material.  It certainly could age into good soil within a season. 

EDIT:  This is a zombie link that nobody replied to until now.  I hope the OP forgives us.

If you have a truck it's considerably less expensive as you save delivery fee. I've gotten chips there a number of times and that's always free. My favorite type of cost.

They have a few different grades of dirt and even the good stuff isn't perfect. I don't believe I've ever found perfect dirt that can be delivered.

Also - Singh isn't too far. It's just up the 101 which isn't much further than HMS. However I believe HMS is way cheaper for similar quality.


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