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A working group of the Maricopa County Food Systems Coalition is in the beginning phases of establishing a county-wide network/coalition/association of community gardens. One of our early tasks is to identify all the active community gardens in Maricopa County and reach out to them with an invitation to our monthly organizational meetings. If you are part of a community garden in MC or know someone who is part of a community garden here, please send me contact info for a representative of the organization. We'll be sure to reach out to them. Thank you!

David Hill, Coordinator of on-site Community Garden at the Desert Botanical Garden


tel. 734-250-2313 

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I belong to this church and we have a chili garden described here:

While technically not a community garden, we are always looking for ways to reach out to our neighbors.

I'll bring it up at the next vestry (admin) meeting, to consider dedicating an area for our neighbors, and a marketing and management plan.

My name is Meg Stresen-Reuter, 520-405-3758,

or contact Bill Robinson at


Thank you, Meg! I received your email also. 



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