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My kids are in 4H so no more clipping wings.  We need to guid an 8x8x20 Aviary.  Any ideas to lessen my cost but keep them safe?

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I have 20 birds

Hi Stephanie:

I would be happy to share a proposal + cost analysis that I put together for a client for a multiple species bird enclosure, that would have included 2nd generation improvements on this model pictured here.

What kinds of birds?  Mixed species? Parrots vs quail need very different enclosures and are not necessarily good cage mates... and this environment is not ideal for many species of bird to be living outside 24/7 anyway.  There are some basic considerations when building an aviary, please see the  links for some thoughts on keeping birds safe outdoors:

So the structure needs to be safe and secure from rodents, snakes, aerial predators, and neighborhood dogs & cats.  Typically the cost of building a good enclosure is higher, not because you need to keep the birds in, but because you need to keep all the other stuff out!  Otherwise, deep consistent shade over most of the enclosure from a natural source (tree) plus a roof is ideal. Bryan's aviary looks fantastic!  Open enclosures let other birds to sit and poop over the aviary and potentially share diseases.  

A steady supply of fresh water is essential, preferably with a back up system.  It doesn't take long to kill a bird in our desert heat.  

Oh yeah, and just for fun, this one about gardening for parrots.

I found another helpful link that gets into building materials:

Bryan I have seen that coup - wasn't it on tour de coup 4 or so years ago and he uses a lot of coffee grounds? Was his made of metal?  I can't remember.

This is really a coup run and my coup's will be inside the run.  I have all chickens just different sizes.  We have never had them fully covered except inside the coups and honestly have never really locked them up because we haven't had any predators in our back yard.  However, we always had to clip one wing to keep them in a 4' fence.  Now that the kids are in 4H they can not clip wings or the birds can't show so we are covering the whole thing as an aviary.  We've processed pvc, metal, wood, rough cedar and are really trying to get the best aviary for the money. I want it 8' tall so that it's easy to get inside and clean.  

Yes it was on a TDC
Yes ... steel tubing ... very efficient spanning capability for the cost ...
The next generation plan had the night coop enclosed in the yard ...
Just email if you want me to forward that document to you ...

I would be very curious

Is that your house?


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