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AZRFG meeting, Thursday, Oct 9th, 7:30pm - Cold-hearty Mango Varieties for AZ

​At the AZRFG meeting on Thursday night, ​October 9​th,​ at 7:30pm, ​we'll gather to hear from​

​The Mango Professor

Tim Thompson

​Non-Tropical, Cold Hearty Mangos!


​The anticipation for this month's presentation began over a year ago -- CRFG's bi-monthly Fruit Gardener​ published a feature in the July/Aug 2013 issue plainly titled "Mangos for Southern California" (reprint begins on pg 2 of the pdf at


​The article went on to describe the exciting work of our guest speaker, Tim Thompson, known as the Mango Professor. He is in the patent process for 10 new mango varieties. He has avoided public exposure of his work in the last 20+ years. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, he wrote articles for the CRFG and welcomed tours of his project site by Southern California chapters. At that time, he called his company Camarillo Exotics after the different fruits he was working with and the city where he lives.

​ ​

Whenever he had a group of people at his home for a plant tour and talk, he was pressured to sell mango plants. He told everyone that he was strictly working to develop new mango varieties and had NO interest in being a nursery. The tours and requests for information became such a time consuming problem he had to stop all his public exposure. He even had to drop out of the CRFG, something that he hated doing. He had to become all but invisible to allow his research and development work in private.


He has spent over 40 years to develop new cold hardy mangoes that will withstand frost. All of the new varieties will tolerate low temperatures below 30 degrees for a limited time. He has temperature recording equipment in his field trial area for precise measurement. He also has frost nearly every winter with temps around 30 degrees. His new SoCal mango varieties are untouched. In the last 25 years, he has recorded temperatures in the mid 20's on three separate occasions. Those freezes killed two large manilla mango trees! Most of the new varieties he is producing suffered damage but recovered. One mango he calls Antonio showed no damage. It bloomed normally in the spring and produced a good crop of nice mangoes later in the fall so he doesn't actually know what the lower temperature limit is for that one.


​AZRFG is purchasing a quantity of these plants so that we can trial them in our winter frosts and to sell to those also interested in trialing his varieties.  Tim is visiting us to share the story of his work and answer your questions about all things Mango!


Question #1: Is it spelled mangos or mangoes???


Here's a few demo videos from The Mango Professor​:  

Starting a mango from seed ---

Grafting Mangos, Part 1 ---

                                 Part 2 ---

                                 Part 3A ---

                                 Part 3B ---


​You can also check out more information on his non-tropical mango varieties is available on the website at www.SoCalP​lantB​reeders.comand in this feature from the Ventura County Star (


For those mango connoisseurs who are bored eating this luscious fruit just plain, see his recipe page (!recipes/crd8)​. Try out the mango-​macadamia-​coconut meringue pie -- ​it is one of his favorites.


PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. We do request a $5 donation if you are not a currently registered AZRFG or CRFG member. Thank you!  (Or, JOIN NOW! Visit


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I apologize that our meeting location address was not included in the meeting info -- Doh!

Thank you for the heads-up on that, Suzanne!

AZRFG Meeting - Cold Hearty Mangos w/The Mango Professor, Tim Thompson

Tonight! -- Thursday, Oct 9th, 7:30pm

Maricopa County Cooperative Extension - Palo Verde Room (enter at rear of facility, by the back/south parking area)

4341 E Broadway Rd

Phoenix AZ 85040

That was telling in the length of time it took to develop a new line of cultivars.  40 years.  And while 26F compared to 30F cold hardy may not seem like much, with a simple frost cloth dropping the protection down to 24F, that is huge in Phoenix area!  It rarely gets colder than that anywhere in the valley; especially if appropriate microclimates are planted in one's yard.  As someone who tried to grow mangos in their backyard 4 years ago to watch a really nice mango tree die in January, I am rather hopeful.

And good tasting and textured cultivars are desirable just for the sake of that. (if they live up to billing)

darn I missed it!

I love to get my hands on one to try. How many were available? how much? and what size?

I checked the website and it looks like they won't be available to ship until late summer 2015.

we can buy them from that website listed above. It'll be awesome if we do a group buy because if we buy 10 or more, then the price for each tree will go down to $40each! instead of $65. I wouldn't mind waiting until next year to get them.

I've also found out that in the beginning of Jan 2015 he will stop taking private orders (non farmers) for his mangoes unless you are a CRFG member.

Here's some more info on his place.

Count me in!  I'd be interested in going in on a group mango tree buy.

How to join CRFG.  I like the $25 electronic version, but the print pub is a first class job.

We'd love to see you at the next AZRFG meeting (CRFG membership required by the third visit) on the 2nd Thurs of the month 43rd St and Broadway. 

is the AZRFG planning to do a group buy?

Ok, no one has replied to this in a while - I'm going to go ahead and place an order through their website - were there suggestions for the 1 or 3 varieties they offer that would be the best for Phoenix?

Antonio is suspected of being at least cold hardy to 25F (the limit of how cold the area got they were tested in with no signs of damage) and is a fine quality mango as far as fiber and taste go, so that is the one I would go with first.

If you wanted three Tequila Sunrise (for its appearance especially) and Pineapple (if you like the taste of pineapple) were touted. 

I wasn't able to attend the meeting - do all the same things apply to these mango's? Same issue with salinity, drainage, etc that we come to love here in Phoenix?

The only difference is no need to erect massive structures to keep the mango alive?

That would be my guess. 

Hi all -

Sorry that I was absent from the discussion. I did not have the alert on for my thread for replies.

The club has not finalized whether we are doing with an order for the "late summer delivery" ordering. We have an initial order that we expect to receive in April, but those plants are spoken for.

As John mentioned, in order to get the $40 (plus sales tax and shipping, phyto certification) deal, you do have to be a currently registered CRFG member)....or buy a quantity of at least 35 plants, with at least 50% down payment. For smaller/individual orders, I believe it is payment in full at time or ordering.

As for shipping and certification/inspection charges, the last word I got was that they are still working that out. SO final costs are still up in the air. I will be talking to them again next week for an update, and I'd be happy to post what I learn here.

We will also be posting notes and video from the meeting on our website...but the video is not quite edited yet.  :(  I'll give you a heads-up when that is set up.

In the meantime, thanks very much to Powell for helping everyone with questions!


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