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May seem obvious, however can I put the grass clipping from mowing the bermuda in the compost? thanks.

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Jack - I have not tried composting bermuda or Tiff because it simply is not worth getting the grass growing in areas where the compost is spread.

Our hot sunny afternoon surface temperatures can reach about 180.  In theory that would cook anything particularly in a plastic bag.

Solarizing is done in a similar fashion with sheets of plastic spread over the area to be killed - mostly it works but also deeply affects beneficial microbes in the soil.

I'm just noting some of my and other's observations on killing grasses and weeds.

The answer to your question is - maybe.

Possibly one of the other permies has actually done what you are trying.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Wow - that's going to be pretty stinky when you open it!  Just be prepared.

I won't use Bermuda in my compost - I just don't trust it.  And once you've spent years removing it by hand, well, you are less inclined to want to reintroduce it.

I know I heard in the Master Gardener class that some people put it in black plastic bags to kill seeds, etc.  However, if memory serves, they leave it in there for far longer - maybe 6 months or so?  I don't know anyone personally whose done this though.  Most just want to be done with the zombie grass.

Can't be that long...the trash bags break down in a few weeks of sun exposure.  Although they could compost them in the shade or better yet a shed for that long maybe.  As both very experienced growers have said the big fear is Bermuda will survive the process and spread.  An easy protocol that works would be a huge boon to this area.


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