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I have lots of figs to share as they are dropping off the tree as I write.
I've really enjoyed sharing them for the last couple of years, so please feel free to contact me if you want to come over to pick.

I live around 36th St and Union Hills (top of hwy 51).

Send me a message and I'll give you my address.

If you already have my info from last year, just text or email me.

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Hello Cricket,  So glad to see you are sharing your extra figs again, I really enjoyed the figs last year. They were shared with several people and were greatly appreciated. I have a friend who works at poison control and she shared them with coworkers.

I would like to come Wednesday morning if that works for you, would like to beat the heat if 8am is OK.

My passionfruit is not producing much this year but I could share a couple if yours is not yet producing any.

I also have many small fig trees if you or a friend are interested, I have Violette de Bordeaux(aka VDB), Panache, and Conadria right now. I have many other varieties I just started rooting and will be able to share those in a couple of years. I could bring a ripe VDB to try if you like, they are very good.

.I might try to drag my nephew along if he can get up that early.

Hope that little banana is growing well for you.

I don't recall your address.

Thanks again hope to see you soon.


I could come today after work. What time is good for you? Saturday morning will be good too. Let me know what is convenient. Thanks!

Hello Cricket,

I would love to bring my children to pick some figs! Let me know when you are around - mornings are generally better for us, but we're flexible. The only thing growing in my garden right now is catnip so let me know if you want some and I'll bring some with. It makes a really nice, relaxing tea. 


If you still have figs, I'd like to come tomorrow, or any day that works for you as long as its early am. Nothing survived in my little patio garden. I went toTurkey the first week of June so I have some apple and turkish tea to share. Michelle 480-947-0231.

I'd like to now if you still have figs as I didn't get a response. You number is not showing so I can't call you.

480-62-1350 cell, 480-947-0231 cell.

Michelle Hawkins


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