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Hi, N!

So far they have laid THREE eggs.   ???  One shelless, and still under her where she had perched for the night.  The other was by a food dish, cracked, and another, this morning, had rolled off the perch area and onto the bedding, cracked.  I ate them anyway!  I put a white "ball" in the laying box and one is in there now, meditating.

They were digging within a minute of being let into their enclosure.  The fan, mister, and extra shade are working well.  

One will have to have her ears pierced, or something.  I can't tell them apart without close scrutiny.  Mae and Ella.


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i assume you are "talking" to me. lol! i am sure the heat has something to do with that jelly egg and they had their favorite nest box here, so now that it's gone, well, i guess it's egg hunt time. my kids just realized today that the hens were gone, they were "where is everyone?????" i had to tell them about the drake but we now have peace, so all is well here and there at your place.


keep in touch!



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